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The Home for Financial Analysis and Project Evaluation on NEAR Protocol

We are a financial guild dedicated to technical and fundamental analysis of NEAR, projects launching on NEAR and the general crypto market.  Our goal is to produce educational content, on both micro and macro subjects, for everyone, whether you are new to NEAR or a crypto veteran. 

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The Future of the Open Web is NEAR.

The Merchants of NEAR will provide fundamental and technical analysis of $NEAR in light of its development, new initiatives, and larger macro crypto trends (regulation or corporate purchases). Expanding this service out beyond $NEAR, we will also do the same for other tokens launching on NEAR Protocol.

Technical Analysis

The Merchants will provide sound and clear technical analysis to help track the progression of NEAR as its ecosystem gains momentum.

Crypto Education

The Merchants take a holistic view of the crypto space and look to help educate people about this paradigm shift.

Fundamental Analysis

We are not here to make quick money- this is a movement that will take time. We will provide fundamental analysis as the NEAR Ecosystem matures and stands out. 

NEAR in Context

We will follow and evaluate the projects launching on NEAR in the landscape of the entire crypto space.

Abstract Lines

A Community-Driven Fund for the NEAR Ecosystem

Merchants of NEAR will eventually grow to become its own fund to sell $NEAR and other tokens natively built on NEAR Protocol. Merchants will have a base commission for the sale of NEAR, and will independently negotiate with native projects on the protocol a commission model for selling their tokens through different channels. 

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